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Lunes, Mayo 28, 2007


Nowadays, the word reverend is rampantly used by the pastors and ministers of different religion. As I remembered, five years ago, the time when my spirit was low and I felt empty inside. There, in those instants I found this guy who is scrutinizing the doctrines of different religions.

He caught my ears to listen to him, by listening to him, I learned many things especially the wisdom from the bible and some of the knowledge that he taught me, thru the help of God is that the word reverend was only used to refer to the name of God and also the bible used it once. Just once! And it was written in the book of Psalms 111:9--

“He sent redemption unto his people: he hath commanded his covenant forever: holy and reverend is his name.”

I was wondering why they enjoy using it and tag it along with their names.
The word reverend was supposed to be used to refer to the name of God but today, it is commonly used by so called pastors and ministers. Even those pastors who only know three verses, are being addressed as reverend. There is even one who is being called “Most Reverend.”
How blasphemous he is and all the people who level themselves to God and even as if they are higher than God. Obviously, they did not even think about who the word reverend was supposed to be used. It was supposed to be used only for God. Even the Apostles did not dare to use the word; not even the evangelists, and not even the early prophets of God. So why use it? It is clearly shown that they are ignorant of the Holy Scripture and we should not believe them.

By the way the name of the man I mentioned earlier in my blog is Brother Eli F. Soriano who prefers to called him brother than any other title.

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