Keep the word of our Lord into your heart…..

And you shall never want for anything.

Martes, Enero 15, 2008

The man I loved

This is the man I love, he is not the man of my dreams but he is the fulfillment of such. He is not the first man I loved but surely he will be the last and I guess I have to believe in magic because a person who is almost opposite to my personality is now the man whom I belong to. In our house, it would surely be a debate when I cook my favorite dishes; he hates eating sprouted mongo while I love it, he loves ‘nilagang mongo with bagoong isda' while I hate it, but if I see him craving for a kind of food, I learn to like it. A saying goes, “If you love someone you will tend to love what he loves”. I love to dance while he has no passion for it and there are more things supposed to be listed here.
This man believes that the words ‘I love You’ are sacred and must not be uttered easily. He believes that they should be said with your whole spirit and soul. For this reason, I don’t hear them usually. He is one of the worst dressers I know. He just wears the clothes and never minds about his looks.

Church Of God

Here's my little sweet girl, who makes me smile everyday.

The Path

The Path
The Path of Your Future is Not Behind You