Keep the word of our Lord into your heart…..

And you shall never want for anything.

Linggo, Enero 27, 2008

Oh! My! I don’t know what is this, many things keeps running on my mind these past days was full of noise and silence. It’s like I hits a ranging winds and it could killed me in an instant. I have to clear my mind in many things that keeps bothering me. Why is this happening? There must be a reason, the reason which up to now, I don’t know! I should stand in the place where I should be but I’m still confuse in many things that occurs. Which is which, which is true? I know dip inside I know the answer to my question but I’m the one needs to be blame because I’m the one who refuse to accept it.

To know the truth we must across the consequence that brings by the truth.

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Here's my little sweet girl, who makes me smile everyday.

The Path

The Path
The Path of Your Future is Not Behind You