Keep the word of our Lord into your heart…..

And you shall never want for anything.

Lunes, Setyembre 24, 2007


Father in heaven we praise you
for giving us the breath of life
you brought us up in righteousness
and in our hearts you've shine your light

Great is Thy faithfulness oh God
Your spirit lead us through life
And we are saved by Jesus Christ
You gave us hope we realized

We worship You oh Lord
Now and forevermore
You are God of wisdom
Your love sees through us all

Holy is Thy name oh God
You are Lord of all
God of grace and lord of love
you are all adored

Glory and Honor and power
Yo shall forever Rule and Reign
This Earth and heaven will vanish away
But your Holy Word still remains

Every knee shall bow down
to the King who sits on the throne
We love You, we praise You
We thank You Lord in Jesus' Name

Church Of God

Here's my little sweet girl, who makes me smile everyday.

The Path

The Path
The Path of Your Future is Not Behind You